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Hier werden Ihnen die Details der WG in Berlin angezeigt:

Ort:12359 Berlin
Straße/Hausnr.: Pätzerstr 17
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Fläche:150 m2
Kaltmiete:€ 450,–
Nebenkosten:€ 25,–
Frei ab:07/2018
Eintrag vom:25.11.17
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    Looking for nice, fun and active place to live? We are an active community placed in Berlin and we are open to receive new people! For a very low price, 450¤/month ALL INCLUDED, we offer food (you don't have to pay more for the food) + accommodation + activities of the community + and the common bills (water, electricity, internet, etc). You will have access to our camping place too! Among our activities we offer music, philosophy, humanitarian actions, sports, martial arts, languages and many others, just come and discover! You can aways come an try to evolve in our activities. We like to be with other motivated, fun, active people! We have a place in a camping close to Potsdam, inside a natural area and by a lake, reachable by the system of public transport of Berlin, it's part of the same system of the house. The rules in our community are the following: no meat, no smoking, no alcohol, no drugs and no violence. Contact us, visit, talk and we see what is possible. We would like to meet you.


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