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Hier werden Ihnen die Details der WG in Berlin angezeigt:

Ort:12359 Berlin
Straße/Hausnr.: Pätzerstr 17
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Fläche:150 m2
Kaltmiete:€ 450,–
Nebenkosten:€ 1,–
Frei ab:04/2018
Eintrag vom:25.11.17
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    Looking for a place to live?? We can welcome you, we are a community of active people where we can welcome new members for a very low price you can get food and accommodation and “Anmeldung” if you need. We offer a lot of activities, music, philosophy, humanitarian actions, sport and you have your space and food like in classical house. The conditions: no meat, no smoking, no alcohol, no drugs. And you try to evolve in the activities of our community, regarding your level you will get a different price to pay. Price, with food and accommodation: (100¤ of deposit for anyone arriving) Passive member, 450 ¤ a month. Active member: 350¤ a month Advanced member: 250¤ a month Silver member: for free As we produce some stuff, activities and so on, by being more and more active you can pay less and less. Contact us, visit, talking, and we see what is possible.


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